Dale Akstin | Owner & Property Manager

(607) 349-0401

Salt Water Real Estate LLC

617 Lake Park Blvd S Carolina Beach, NC 28428

About Me

Dale has 3 children. One with feathers (a parrot), one with fur (Donnie- the Pitbull), and one in diapers (Elle, the baby). He loves being a dad. That care extends to his clients where Dale’s attention to detail, care, and hands on neighborly approach has been attractive to clients looking for more oversight, communication, and integrity in a Property Manager.

From competitive management rates, through having some of the highest realty/property management ratings in the County, Dale and Salt Water Real Estate continue to persevere and exceed expectations despite the current economic complications. If looking for more accountability, hands on proactive management, and competitive pricing, definitely give Dale and Salt Water Real Estate a call!

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